Kate Mensah is a cultured designer here in the Seattle area.  Originally from the fashion capital of the world, Paris, it was no surprise that creativity, style, and passion flow through her veins. With a hands-on approach to her designs, Kate is inspired by textures and the fusion of cultures. With a bit of Parisian femme, powerful African heritage, and Asian inspiration her designs aesthetic is a fresh take on luxury apparel.

Kate S Mensah creates luxury apparel and accessories that give strong women the ability express their bold personal style in their everyday life - without sacrificing functionality and practicality. The Kate S Mensah brand provides quality and original designs that allows for self-expression, Kate strives to design noticeably chic details with subtle textures, unique color combinations, and culturally based fusions. Clients look to Kate for a way to express their creativity in fashion while finding the designs fresh and feminine, with just the right amount of edge.

She is the proud winner of “Best Evening Wear Designer” for her 2011 collection named “Femme Fatale”, which was awarded to her by renowned Seattle based Magazine’s “Seamless” in Seattle Competition. Kate’s 2012 collection, “The Visionaire” was launched at Seattle’s Metropolitan Fashion Week, and nominated as one of the best designer in town. Carrying the legacy further, her design ensembles have added flair to runways such as Bellevue Fashion Week, with the Spring 2013 collection in Bellevue Collection’s Independent Designer Runway Show. She is also proud to be nominated on the category of “Women’s Evening Wear of the Year 2014”, by the much coveted DList magazine’s annual award show held on 12 Sep’ 2014. She is as well recongized as one of the leader of the fashion industry in Seattle in several events such as A.Convention by A.Productions in January 2016.