“My Spring 2013 line is been inspired by nature; particularly flowers, and their analogical representation of a woman’s development.

“Exploring the myriad of Tulips at Seattle’s Tulip Festival motivated me to reimagine how a flower defines its individuality. Based on a combination of texture, shape, and an array of different hues, individual growth offers challenge and ecstasy. Yellow and blue, white and red, black and red… I cross-pollenate some of these combinations in search of uncharted, unblossomed satisfaction.

“A woman’s life is full of strange, and seemingly paradoxical combinations: a sensual (red) disposition may conflict with overpowering personal strength (blue); a mother’s wisdom (green,) may juxtapose the intuitive impulse of an admiring teenager (pink.)

My womanhood is rooted in a shy, small girl who became a strong, confident woman… I use yellow to represent the happiness of my own woman.”

Please look at our behind the scene video of our Spring 2013 collection “eclosion”