Eau is a story about the mystery and magnificence of water. I am amazed by the color, movement and feel of water. Water has a spirit that brings joy to the human body. It gives us serenity, energy and vibrancy. Water is among the most important elements we need to survive, to live and to thrive.

I have explored the myriad of colors within bodies of water in many different parts of the world such as the astonishingly natural pink Lake Retba in Senegal, the stunning jade Lake Diablo in Washington, the picturesque blue sea in Martinique and the earth green Lake Oueme in Benin. Their colors are produced by natural elements such as salt content, algae and light reflection.

Blacks and browns can also be represented from the darkness of deep-sea water or from the chemical components that merge with fresh water. I define water as a feminine element; she can be calm or rough, warm or cold, light or dark. She takes many shapes, forms and she is radiant and full of vivacity. Explore and feel Eau in my Fall 2014 collection.