Ocean is all about abundance and limitless possibilities. It promises a lot of dreams and invigorates the positive vibes, while filling your senses with overwhelming optimism. Being the inseparable element of life, Ocean inspires the spirit of good life. Maybe this is what inspired me come up with the latest capsule collection; to celebrate the essence of Ocean in our life.

The collection is detailed to an extent that it portrays the limitless nature of water. While several cultures are amalgamated through seas and water bodies, boundaries of language and heritages are forged together. The capsule collection is all about the depiction of beauty and elements which are witnessed from a horizon. 

Impeccable aspects of the Asian and African cultures are woven together in this dream collection. It is much more than mere designing; it is art in its purest form that showcases the similarities between two ancient cultures.

While creating a masterpiece, color selection becomes very important so as to say. I witnessed and experienced my inner vision and selected the true colors of limitless water. The abstract is created by inducing the correct shades of emeralds, blues and whites, which give you the exact oceanic flavor.

The collection complements the women of today, assisting her in carrying her unmatchable attitude of positivity. The Ocean collection lifts your spirits and fills you with immense vibrancy. It is not just an attire, but an experience; an experience of enthusiasm.

Be limitless with this oceanic collection and be at many places at once, just like the ocean. 

Bon Voyage!